The Gallery at Harbor Shores

The story of a place is told most eloquently through its art. Our goal at The Inn is to provide great hospitality and that requires great storytelling. With that in mind, we have layered local art and artists throughout The Inn from the very beginning. For us, art is not an afterthought or a decoration but a foundation and it has always been a fundamental part of our vision.  You will find local art woven into the fabric and spirit of this place. We hope it pleases you, inspires you, makes you smile and becomes part of your personal story and experience at The Inn.



The Inn at Harbor Shores features a rotation of featured artists in it's gallery located on the second floor.  Each featured artist or group of artists is celebrated for their displayed works with an exhibit opening, open to all public, with complimentary wine and snacks.  Exhibits serve as an opportunity to visit with the artist and learn about his or her process as well as browse and purchase the artwork, a beautiful and exciting investment. Featured artists have included Lynne Tan, Mary Brodbeck, Ladislav Hanka, Laura Kraklau, Susan Henshaw and more.  For more information on upcoming exhibits and artist receptions, visit

Robin Maxon, St. Joseph, MI

Watercolor paintings exhibited as part of the very first temporary exhibit in the 2nd floor gallery and areas of the first floor.


Stephanie Milanowski, Grand Rapids, MI

Permanent pen and ink pieces in the guest rooms, Plank’s Tavern logo, and the graphics for the lamps in the Harborview Ballroom. Temporary exhibit works in the 2nd floor gallery space and for sale.


Kristin K Hosbein, St. Joseph, MI

Paintings exhibited in areas of first floor. All works will be for sale.


Carolyn O’Hearn and Cindy Fielding, St. Joseph, MI

O'Hearn & Fielding Glass

Permanent tile works located in each guest bathroom.


Brett Maniscalco, New Buffalo, MI

Photography will be featured in hotel rooms and first floor gallery.


Robert Lee

Photography will be featured in guestrooms.


April Wagner

Glassworks featured in the hotel including the 550 piece glass sculpture suspended over the main lobby.


Matt Payovich

Paintings in Plank's Tavern.


Jan Nelson

Handcolored photography and historical images on the first floor.